The other problem of evil

Humans have a tendency to demonize those who are against us and those who do things that we see as wrong. We put labels on them and call them bad people. I’m over the fact that people are sometimes ignorant and stupid, it no longer surprises or disappoints me. Everyone is stupid or ignorant at times, some more often and in greater ways than others. But every single person means well in their own twisted perspective. No one is evil. No one is a “bad” person. Sometimes people think it doesn’t matter when it does, they may fail to see the consequences of their actions, they act selfishly and they are often shortsighted; but rarely does anyone do anything thinking “I’m doing this to make things worse.” It’s easy to demonize and label Holocaust deniers and people who don’t like Macs as bad people. Look at things from their perspective and try to educate them because they are not evil, they are just wrong, and we have all been wrong before. Hell you may even be wrong.